MADE FOR YOU – From us for you

“Why do I have to wait so long before receiving the products I order?”

You should know that all our items, from first to last, are handmade by our artisans following ancient manufacturing techniques that have been handed down for generations, respecting the environment and man.

Our catalog includes hundreds of products with, in turn, many variations in size and color. That is why it is unthinkable for us to have a fully stocked warehouse for every item we create and sell.

That is why every single item purchased in our online store is created specifically by our artisans for each individual customer.

Our pottery is handcrafted, our objects carry with them the work of creating, forging, and finishing of many hands working for a single purpose: to bring into every home the love of a craft, of a centuries-old tradition that deserves respect and should be valued.

This is why our products, once chosen and ordered, take a few extra days to arrive in your homes. With great care and love.
Made for you, by us for you.